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Stay hydrated.

If you want your connective tissue to stay hydrated, then you are gonna need to put some water in that body! Enjoy clean, plain water...a couple of sips every 30 minutes, all day long. Your tissue is like a sponge, so do not let it dry out.

Embrace the MELT Minutes.

First, determine the ideal time of day for you to do your ten minutes of MELT and then commit to practicing at that time every day for 30 days to establish a routine.

Think like a hands-off bodyworker!

Keep track of when you MELT, how you MELT, What MELT techniques you did and how it made you feel. Be curious. Tweak your routine to ensure maximum benefits.

Sleep like a rock.

When we sleep adequately, our own natural healing mechanisms keep us functioning optimally and feeling our best. Get enough sleep. Turn off electronics and eliminate noisy distractions. Sleep in a pitch-black room or wear something over our eyes.