What MELT Method Chicago Offers

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Intro to MELT 

Learn to MELT Series 

This three-part series breaks down all the information in The MELT Method book. Once you have experienced the 90-minute Intro to MELT workshop, the Learn to MELT series will help you master the moves and sequences from the book so you can become your own hands-off bodyworker at home. All students must own a MELT soft body roller and MELT hand/foot treatment kit. You can purchase rollers and kits on the first day of class...roller $65 and kit $45, cash or check please.
Wear comfortable clothes and bring a water bottle and yoga mat.

To attend a group class, participants must be comfortable enough to get on and off the floor and roller, and must be able to lie on the floor on their backs for short periods of time. 

MELT at your Pace:  A modified Intro to MELT

Do you suffer from chronic pain or illness? Does a 90-minute group class, in anything, seem out of your "feel good range”?  Do you feel unable to get up and down off of the floor and/or roller? Join us for a unique Intro to The MELT Method workshop that caters to you.

The MELT Method is a gentle and easy-to-learn self-care treatment that nurtures and cares for your connective-tissue system and your autonomic nervous system.

Obtain global changes in your whole body without working beyond your current abilities.  MELT At Your Pace brings the same relief as a full Intro, but focuses on safe, modified versions of the foot and hand techniques and the Rebalance sequence.    

MELT Neuro Strength:

Most of us live and function and move in ways that aren’t quite stable or balanced…these are called compensations.   Maybe we learned these little detours or “cheats” as children.  Additionally, the rigors and routines of our daily lives cause dehydration in the fluid parts of our body, which also causes compensation in our movements or postures. Eventually, these seemingly small detours cause big trouble in the form of chronic pain and inflammation. 

Practicing the 4R’s of MELT with the soft body roller and balls restores the juiciness of our connective tissue and restores balance to our stressed-out nervous system, but those compensations often stick around out of habit.  MELT NeuroStrength helps us find and open the right pathways so we can form new, proper habits of stability and movement.

MELT Neuro Strength is a weekly, guided class for those students who have already introduced MELT to their bodies.

Currently, MELT NeuroStrength is on the schedule at OBRFC on Thursdays at 10:30am.  NeuroStrength will begin at  Elements in Motion starting November 1.

Private MELT

Do you suffer from chronic pain or illness that makes participating in a group class seem daunting?  Are you committed to learning MELT in the most direct, personalized manner?

Investing in one or more private MELT lessons allows you to learn techniques chosen specifically for you, at your ideal pace.  Choose from 60 or 90-minute lessons held at Oak Brook Racquet and Fitness Club, Elements in Motion or WellBeingMD.

60-minutes, $80
90-minutes, $120
5-pack of 60-minute, in-person lessons, $375

Call Salle to schedule your private MELT sessions at 630-542-2129.

MELT Method Chicago on the Road: Work with Salle in a location near you.

The MELT Method is self-care that everyone deserves to have access to, but you may live far away from any trained MELT instructors.  Host your own MELT Intro workshop!  MELT Method Chicago travels to corporations, healthcare facilities, fitness/yoga/pilates studios, community centers or country clubs.  

Call Salle to learn more, 630-542-2129.

MELT Skype

Do you reside in a MELT desert, with no MELT instruction for 100's of miles?  Or do you have a MELT practice but crave affordable private instruction from the comfort of your own home?

MELT by Skype is a great way to "phone in your lesson".  A five-pack of MELT Skype is only  $275 (or $60 for one individual Skype session).  Each lesson is 60 minutes in length.

"Creative. Enthusiastic. Caring. Individualized instruction. Fresh and unique approach. Not boring."  H.F.